Jan 2 – Feeling Overwhelmed Already?

Looking at your email and social media content this morning and feeling a rising sense of dread? It is a common theme for us all now. It creates an immediate ‘what to do next’ list.
So, some suggestions:

Set aside some time each day to clear those requests that are essential, that means creating priorities (what is really important for you).

Create goals for each day – it is motivating to tick off achievements. Make them SMART goals, that means, specific, measurable, achievable, REALISTIC and homebound.

If you have daily time restrictions, other responsibilities, then decide when each day you can give 45 minutes to activity that moves you forward towards your goals.

It will surprise you how much can be achieved with purpose and a focus.

Enjoy your day!

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One thought on “Jan 2 – Feeling Overwhelmed Already?

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